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Econicboard is being used on major commercial and residential developments UK wide.


1x 1cleargif Residential
1x 1cleargif Student Accommodation
1x 1cleargif Education
1x 1cleargif Healthcare
1x 1cleargif Hotel & Leisure
1x 1cleargif Custodial and Institutional
1x 1cleargif Traditional Construction – Steel and Concrete Frame
1x 1cleargif Timber Frame
1x 1cleargif Off Site Manufacture and Modular Construction

Key Technical Benefits Econicboards bring to each Sector

1x 1cleargif High resistance to fire and severe duty rated for impact - Internal partition walls
1x 1cleargif A1 Non combustible external sheathing - 2hr FR for external through wall
1x 1cleargif Category A for robustness - Reduced ‘in service’ costs in high circulation and multi occupancy zones
1x 1cleargif Pull out strengths will support fixtures and fittings directly - Design flexibility for setting out
1x 1cleargif Pull out strength and fire properties in one board - Reduce makeup of internal through wall
1x 1cleargif ‘Breathable’ board  - Eliminates condensation risk in cavity wall construction
1x 1cleargif 100% non hazardous inert material, no off gassing - Clean indoor air quality
1x 1cleargif No wet trades required  - Lightweight board which is easy to cut, joint, screw fix and paint
1x 1cleargif Water resistant, dimensionally stable and structural - Can withstand flood damage
1x 1cleargif Resistant to mould and mildew - Backer solution for wet areas
1x 1cleargif Euroclass A1 rated non combustible sheathing for SFS and timber frame - UKTFA approved Category C Fire Solution
1x 1cleargif 9mm exceeds Category 1 racking strength - Reduces weight and cross bracing
1x 1cleargif Excellent bond strength - Plastisol, insulation, membranes, paint and render applications