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2016-09-19 02:21:00
The sole UK supplier of Econic, the robust fire-resistant multi-purpose building board, is making further significant inroads into the construction industry with the installation of its engineered Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards at the site of the soon to be opened King’s School in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire.

Duncryne Ltd, which imports Econic, has been specified to supply material for the new school project as part of the West Midlands Schools programme where they are being used in external SIPS, render carrier and internal corridor walls at 24 schools.

At The King’s School, formerly Clough Hall Technology School, Duncryne is supplying Innovare Systems, the off-site build services business, which is putting in place the structural insulation (SIP) panels for the primary structure, and to Rendserve which is installing render boards on the external elevations.

Alex Banks, senior director at Innovare, has responsibilities which include assessment of the design performance of MgO in regard to fire, structure and acoustic properties as an authentic value proposition.

He said: “Our guys factory-fit the Econic boards onto a timber frame before it is transported to site. They find it easy to work with since it is non-hazardous and easy to nail, cut and adhere to SIP panels.

“Our management team is reassured that they can be transported to the site without damage and the associated costs of waste which can arise from other traditional materials.”

The new work follows increased awareness among manufacturers and designers that the MgO board's fire resistant, acoustic, structural and hygrothermal performance creates opportunities for leaner and more efficient system-led applications.

Keith Macnair, managing director of Duncryne, said: "There is strong evidence that specifiers and contractors are starting to appreciate the Econic MgO qualities in regard to the safety and performance advantages - which traditional materials cannot offer. We anticipate that our market share will increase as a consequence."

Duncryne imports Econic MgO boards from China, where it has a sister company in Shanghai. Since it started trading in 2011, it has won prestigious orders in such high-profile buildings as the new £842 million Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow and the Technology and Innovation Centre at Strathclyde University.

It has supplied panels at Scotland’s newest railway station, Gogarburn, currently under construction on the west side of Edinburgh and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016.

The company, which has storage and distribution facilities in Renfrew and Birmingham, has also supplied pre-cut, Econic board for fire protection and lining to electrical switchgear for a tunnel project at the exhibition centre in Birmingham. This offered significant commercial savings to the project due to the onerous fire criteria.

Mr Macnair said: "The board's robust qualities complement its technical performance. It is lightweight, non-hazardous, weather-resistant, all of which will eliminate waste and mitigate damage in transit.

"We see the development of system-led solutions with off-site manufacturers as a main focus for business growth. We are making significant inroads into the most active areas of the UK market and we can also deliver anywhere in Europe and the Middle East."

For further information, contact Keith Macnair, managing director, Duncryne Ltd. T: 0141 576 0077. E: keith@duncryne.com. W: www.econicboard.com.

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