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Econic Performance Systems product range has been fully tested and certified by accredited UKAS test houses to demonstrate our commitment to performance, quality control, health and safety.

Testing has been done in accordance with recognised BS and EN standards confirming that our products have proven qualities in terms of:

Racking strength
BS EN 594: 2011
Exceeds Category 1

Bending flexural strength
BS EN 12467: 2004
Category A

Tensile Strength
BS EN 1608: 997
Excellent Rating

Shear and Compressive Strength
Category 1

Pull out Fixings
BS EN 845-1
Type 5 Timber and Masonry

Pull through strength
EN 1383: 1999
Excellent Rating

Partition Testing
BS 5234
Severe Impact Duty

Certification -table -line

Wind Loadings
BS 6399: Part 2
Exceeds BS requirements

Non Toxicity

Anti Fungal

Dimensional stability
BS EN 318: 2002

BS EN 12467: 2004
Category A

Low Embodied Carbon

External Climate changes
& Hygrothermal Performance

Thermal conductivity
ISO 8302: 1991
EN 12664: 2001

Certification -table -line

Vapour resistivity
BS EN 12572: 2001

BS EN 12390-7

Airborne Sound Insulation 
Excellent Rating

Non Combustibility 
A1 Euroclass

Fire Resistant
BS EN 13501-1: 2007
2 hours achieved on timber frame

Radiant Heat Test UKTFA
Category A,B & C

In accordance with legislation and building standards, we are committed to 3rd party accreditation for all our testing and are seeking, via a European notified body to secure a CE marking for our full product range.

We are continually developing our products for construction and engineering applications in conjunction with manufacturers, construction companies, stockists and end users.

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Important Declaration

Do not use any products under the name of Econicboard or Econic Performance Systems unless sourced directly from Duncryne or one of our recognised stockists.

Please contact us for more details.