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Econic Performance Boards

Duncryne is the sole supplier of Econicboards - high quality versatile building boards. The Econic range of fire resistant boards can be used for a variety of uses such as backer boards, render boards, decorative panels, wall systems and as timber and SFS sheathing boards. In addition to high levels of professional service, Duncryne’s focus is to provide the UK construction and engineering sectors with superior performing building boards at a competitive price.

Our offer

High quality building boards for fire, acoustic, structural and hygrothermal performance
1x 1cleargif A1 non combustible rated, external structural sheathing for timber and steel frame
1x 1cleargif Vapour open, render carrier, brick slip and tile backer boards      
SIPS, volumetric infill, soffit lining, composite and decorative panels
System led solutions for robust, high impact, internal walls, floors  and ceilings
Through wall system components – framing, boards, fixings, joint tape
1x 1cleargif Professional technical support - design, procurement and construction sequence

Commitment to Quality

1x 1cleargif All testing to BS & EN standards using notified 3rd party accreditation
1x 1cleargif All products are certified as free of hazardous or deleterious material
1x 1cleargif Full LCA undertken and 3rd party verified as low carbon
  1x 1cleargif  


Delivery anywhere in the UK, Europe and the Middle East
1x 1cleargif Max 2 day delivery time anywhere in the UK
1x 1cleargif Building boards can be supplied cut to size and in split or mixed pallets

If you would like to find out more about our fire resistant building boards, contact us and we will be happy to discuss them in more detail.